Creating captivating sailing images has been in the Turner family for at least two generations.  Marc’s father, the late Harry Turner, took to the Clyde to photograph the yacht racing from his boat, the appropriately named ‘Smile Please’ - and as the first person to submit a full colour portfolio of sailing images for the 1977 Sport Photography Awards, he managed to win the competition outright.

Marc Turner

Marc Turner at work

Marc himself began joining his father, before getting involved in sailing. Then, after a decade racing, he began coaching and used his camera to promote a sport which can be difficult for a spectator to view. And when asked to describe his own best photos, he was very clear: “The first is of a Sigma 33 Pepsi breaking through a wave off Kip during a strong southerly. Aside from the timing of the wave breaking, the crew were all in matching kit, the sun was shining and Cloch lighthouse clearly identifies the location. All the elements just fell into place. The second was at the AC Jubilee in Cowes, where I was aboard a very fast RIB driven by some very fast drivers. I snatched a frame of a small red sailed gaff rigged boat on starboard approaching the J Class Shamrock on port. The scale and the colours of Shamrock’s crew’s kit matched that of the red sail. We were travelling at about 30 knots at the time!”

Creating the breath-taking photos that adorn the walls of his home club, Largs, takes as much energy as it does skill and experience - and yet he is keen to stress that anyone can now produce great photos: “Anything can be learnt if you have the time and resources. I hope to offer some tips on getting good images afloat, the equipment used and on how to protect that valuable gear. I also want to encourage people to maximise the use of their images of the sport. I hope also to share some experiences gained over the years.”

To see some of Marc’s images, visit PFM Pictures and to buy tickets to the RYA Scotland Big Weekend, see RYA Scotland.