Professional athletes – footballers in particular – are well known for enjoying a bit of golf in their free time. They've got the money and the time – they need the competition and concentration to take their minds off the pressure to succeed on the field, plus there's a fairly low chance of picking up any injuries. But who knew there was a pro sailors' golfing fraternity? Extreme Sailing Series sponsor GAC Pindar, which organised this publicity stunt for the cameras, obviously had an inkling. Take a look for yourself.




The video features British Olympic medallist Chris Draper, who skippered GAC Pindar in the Cardiff act of the Extreme Sailing Series this year and 20-year-old bowman, Tyson Lamond up against GAC Pindar sponsored pro golfer Amy Boulden. Their challenge: to land as many golf balls as possible on the trampoline of GAC Pindar Extreme 40 catamaran from the pontoon – which looks to be 30 or 40 metres away.

The rules are: each player gets 10 balls – if you hit the green you get one point: if the ball stays on the green, you get five points.

Amy got 12 points, so at least one of her shots stayed on the green. The pictures show at least two other balls remaining on the green at some point, so one of the boys must have landed a shot.

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