Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes just a quick sentence can be worth a lot more than that. The video clip below shows kitesurfer / base jumper / daredevil Nick Jacobsen leaping off the top of a 30-metre Volvo Ocean Race yacht mast (see also: Pro kitesurfer launches off Necker Island house) and drifting dramatically back down to sea level. But unlike the Necker Island stunt, this clip features the words of the athlete himself – Nick's thoughts about how he prepares for a death-defying stunt are worth a careful listen.




The athlete in question is Nick Jacobsen, the 28-year-old professional kitesurfer who took second place at 2013's Red Bull King of the Air competition and made a big splash (pun intended) with his leap off a 40-metre high crane.

So whatever you do for a living, or in life generally, there may be times you find yourself about to step off the edge and plummet rapidly away from your comfort zone, which is the moment to remember the words of Nick Jacobsen: "I try not to think about what I'm about to do, because otherwise it gets all weird in there..."

Yes... I imagine it would.

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