Unlike the UK (where conditions are only occasionally favourable), the Netherlands has an ice yachting season and acres of flat frozen lakes and waterways to sail on. But why spend the money on a dedicated ice yacht, when you already have a perfectly good sailing multihull sitting on a road trailer in the driveway? Obviously, this family just couldn't resist the temptation – so here it is: sailing the frozen Ijsselmeer lake in Holland near Almere on a DIY ice yacht conversion – a Weta trimaran with skates on. It's been worth the wait!



Weta trimarans are unique in the dinghy sailing world. Typically, small multihulls have two hulls, but this New Zealand design claims to be much safer and easier to handle than the same speed catamaran and easier to right after capsizing.

For the ice yacht conversion, the beach trailer has its wheels removed and skates are added. Then, through the centreboard hole a shaft is fitted in a plastic tube cable steering to the front skate.

It's a real family affair: father and son did the conversion, while grandad, Henk, who was 80 years old when the video was shot, helped in the conversion and actually sailed the thing on its first outing.

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