Having gone into liquidation in 2016, prestigious British builder, Hunton Powerboats, has returned to the fray as Hunton Yachts – and as one of Britain’s most fondly regarded marques, the news is likely to meet a very warm reception.

When the company was originally established in Hampshire in 1979, the founder, Jeff Hunton, leveraged his experience as an offshore endurance racer to earn the brand a reputation for extremely capable sea boats. Having won a racing title in 1980 with his first design, Jeff went on to win the British Offshore Powerboat Championship no fewer than six times - but as the years rolled by, Hunton’s reputation began to revolve around much more than just race-derived express cruisers. Crucially, it became about combining all that proven performance with unstinting luxury and comfort – and that’s a mix that has won Hunton a great many fans all over the world.

According to Fiona Pool, who will retain her position as Chief Executive with the new company, the fresh investment and backing is set to propel Hunton toward an even more glittering future: “This is a very exciting time in Hunton’s history. We have emerged as a leaner, healthier business with a very clear strategy for new product development, dynamic marketing and a global outreach.”

Having gone into liquidation last year, Hunton Powerboats has been reborn as Hunton Yachts.

Having gone into liquidation last year, Hunton Powerboats has been reborn as Hunton Yachts.

Part of that ‘product development’ will apparently involve a new range – and yet Hunton’s methodology will remain largely unchanged. The core mission is simply to produce the finest high performance yachts in the world, by bringing together decades of experience, state of the art technology and traditional craftsmanship. They will be manufactured through partnerships with the best builders and they will use only premium materials for fully bespoke creations in line with the desires of the individual client.

But if Hunton’s developing fleet is likely to pursue the established formula, the appointment of Julian Chang of Raffles Yachts in Singapore is a very apt illustration of the company’s revitalised ambitions. Raffles Yachts has apparently been a major player in taking European yachts to Asia and in helping turn Singapore into ‘The Monaco of the East’. The dealership will be launched at the Singapore Yacht Show in April 2017, where it will introduce Hunton’s very British form of motoryacht to a fresh and wealthy new audience.

To find out more about Hunton’s fleet of luxury, high-performance express cruisers, visit Hunton, and for more on the best express cruisers on the market, see Express Cruisers: 5 of the best boats for power cruising.