Thanks to a unique (13 cameras on land, air and sea, five live aboard IMOCA 60’s), the Vendée Globe start will be broadcast live on a wide range of channels including the BBC and ITV - you can find the complete list of channels broadcasting on the Vendee Globe departure site.

The race village - photo lloyd Images/Mike Golding Racing

The race village - photo Lloyd Images/Mike Golding Racing


From 0800 to 1245, the departure of the pontoons, the build up and the start of the seventh Vendée Globe will be broadcast live on and / VendeeGlobeTV with commentary from Pierre-Louis Castelli and Alain Gautier (French) and Clare MacNaughton and Alec Wilkinson (English).

On November 10, tracking and ranking of the website will be updated at 1300hrs, 1400hrs and 1500hrs (GMT).

From November 11
From Sunday, November 11, Race HQ (equipped with a TV studio and open to the public) moves to Paris, in front of the Montparnasse Tower, until the end of January. The website, social networking applications and official reports will cover all the news, pictures and skippers' quotes.

Tracking and rankings are updated five times a day: 0400, 0800, 1100, 1500 and 1900GMT. Every day at 1130GMT, 45 minutes of live vacation with the sailors, in public, filmed and broadcast live on the site.

For more on the race's competitors see Three British Skippers Take on the Vendee Globe.