It's a story we've covered before, but it bears repeating: always wear your killcord. But if you've ever wondered what you might do in the event that someone goes overboard leaving an out-of-control speedboat turning circles in the water, then saddle up, cowboys, and watch the Royal National Lifeboat Institute volunteers in action in this video.




According to the report accompanying this Youtube clip: "A man who fell overboard from his speedboat knocked the throttle as he went, leaving the speedboat to spin out of control.

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RNLI lassoes out-of-control speedboat in Teignmouth

RNLI lassoes out of control boat with throttle stuck open in Teignmouth.


"He had been wearing a kill cord, but had taken it off to moor the boat when the accident happened. The volunteer crew of Teignmouth lifeboat raced to the scene and managed to stop the out of control boat.

"The man, who was wearing a lifejacket, was rescued and taken to hospital as a precaution."

Accidents such as this are fairly rare but can be deadly. In May 2013, TV executive Nick Milligan and his eight-year-old daughter, Emily were killed when they were run over by their RIB after falling overboard. The MAIB report into the accident revealed that Mr Milligan, 51, had not been wearing a killcord when the accident happened.

Time for legislation: the case for mandatory kill cords.