Looking cool can be just one step away from looking wet and bedraggled when you're enjoying a fast speedboat ride. This slow motion speedboat crash is almost cruel - one moment you're looking cool and glamorous in your hottest bikini, the next your mascara is running down your face and your pigtails look like sopping wet spaniel's ears!

We've got a feeling these girls might have felt a bit embarrassed walking back up the dock after their unexpected dip! This is what everyone secretly hopes will happen to those seriously cool "down from towners" who make your older boat and non-designer wear look decidedly shabby!




This is probably not a ride that will impress anyone you invited along... but if you are wanting to capture one of these bikini babes, it's worth checking out Alex Smith's tongue-in-cheek feature Babe magnets: boats to wow the ladies for tips on which boat might just help you beg the right lady! That said, you're not likely to impress anyone if your boating skills aren't up to scratch!


Slow motion speedboat crash video.

The cool crowd on this speedboat emerge bedraggled in this slow motion speedboat crash video.