The first ever swim relay crossing from Guernsey in the Channel Islands to South Devon in England has been planned by a group of bold Brits. Known as the Great Big Monster Sea Swim (GBMSS), it will see the five man team (Paul, Karl, John, Bruce and Jon) swim a non-stop relay from 21 to 23 September 2012 and attempt to make the crossing in only 42 hours. The GBMSS is completely unique and will involve a wide ranging team, from medics and skippers to kayakers and physiotherapists - and the aim is to raise over £100,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Big Sea Swim

Paul Irwin, GBMSS team member, said: “Training has been underway since January as we have to be seriously prepared for what we will face - anything from tankers in the dark to mental exhaustion. The team are really excited and slightly apprehensive about the challenge as there will be tough decisions to make that may hurt the individual but benefit the team”.

Six time world swimming champion and Teenage Cancer Trust supporter, Mark Foster, said: “The Sanofi 1000 Mile Challenge for Teenage Cancer Trust is a great initiative centred around promoting wellbeing and personal growth. As well as inspiring and encouraging participants to challenge themselves, they will also be raising money for an important cause.”

The supporting crew of the five swimmers is made up of seven others, a medical team, media team and safety support. Upon leaving Cobo Bay, Guernsey, the team will exchange swimmers, working to a 42-hour planned rota. What can’t be planned for are weather changes, shipping lanes and the sheer physical fatigue that will be experienced. The first and last legs of the challenge will be swum by all five of the team - and the goal is that all five start and finish together.

To sponsor the GBMSS and help raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust, go to or text ‘GBMSS 81 to 7007.