Riding a huge wave in the sunshine off a tropical island could indeed be mistaken for a glimpse of heaven on earth – certainly the amazing camera footage available these days defies belief!

However, on a small boat in a frozen harbour at the face of a huge glacier that is making ominous cracking sounds... the fear is palpable.

Click on the video below and see if you can stand the suspense... It starts very slowly, but exercise some patience – it will be worthwhile.




When the ice face finally breaks, the chunk that slides down into the sea is much larger than the crew (or most of the viewers) imagined.

The consequences of falling into the near-frozen water would be catastrophic – and that is assuming that the boat itself survives and is able to rescue any swimmers.

This is brave camera work, as there is almost no flinching in the face of the enormous wall of water that descends on the boat.

It's quite possible that the camera angle makes the huge wave look worse than it actually was – but it's a gripping little clip that deserves a wider viewing.

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