After five and half years as Director of the Personal Watercraft Partnership (PWP) Candi Abbot has stepped down, enabling former PWP Chairman and one of the scheme’s founding partners, David Pougher, to take the reins.

PWP Director David Poughe

PWP Director David Pougher has taken over from Candi Abbott.


Just in case you are unaware of the Partnership’s work, it was set up in 1999 as a means of addressing some serious issues that were threatening to destroy the sport in the UK. PWs were routinely considered noisy and disruptive and their users ill disciplined and irresponsible. Councils and Harbour Authorities had developed a dangerous habit of banning PWs from entire boating regions, so something had to be done. The PWP employed a full-time Director and helped set up PW Clubs in problem areas. The BMF also compiled a Management Guide to help authorities establish more harmonious and inclusive boating programmes and even the RYA got involved by setting up an excellent one-day training scheme, which remains so popular that its annual uptake still exceeds the number of PWs actually sold.

Today, the PW industry enjoys a much more positive profile and given the intrinsic calibre of the modern hardware, that’s precisely as it should be. It offers a blend of performance and affordability that sets it apart from almost any other form of powerboat. The top models can bring you double the power-to-weight ratio of a Class 1 World Championship raceboat (and 50 per cent more than the famous Bugatti Veyron) for well below £20,000 - and yet they also manage to combine truly epic throttle response with the kind of technical sophistication that makes them sublimely easy to own and to use. In short, they are fantastic machines so this latest development is one we ought to welcome. With 35 years experience under his belt, David looks like just the man to carry on the PWP’s good work.

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