Ferries running over skiffs, Il Mostro Puma wipeout at over 30 knots, Extreme 40 capsizes, Ocean racers, helicopter rescues... It's all here in this action packed video of sailing scenes when the conditions are fresh to frightening, from www.boatson.tv.



The compilation of clips includes an 18ft skiff out-running the chase rib at over 25 knots practically foiling on its rudder and centreboard alone.

Some of the episodes are home-video or handheld quality and the strength of the wind combined with the speed of travel and the size of the waves might make you seasick just watching it.

However, many of the clips include commentary, which indicates that the footage has been, or was intended to be, broadcast. One commentator observes: "If it was any windier than this it really would blow the toppings off your pizza."

The brave and daring helicopter rescue teams get their due as the crew of a broken ocean racer get retrieved safely from the sea. At times like these, the debate can rage on the marine forums over whether skippers are being daring or irresponsible; whether it's right for ordinary tax payers to fund the rescues of those at sea deliberately pushing their equipment to the limit in search of extra speed with no thought for the consequences.

But more often than not, it's the crew that gives in rather than the boat – as the first 18ft skiff clip shows. When conditions are fresh to frightening and the boat's built to last, it's important to remember that we're only human, after all...