We spied these new sunnies from Gill. Sunglasses are vital protection for anyone going on the water - rain or shine - see our earlier feature Sunglasses on the water: top tips for sailors and boaters.

Gill floating sunglassesSpecifically designed for use on the water, Gill glasses provide maximum UV protection from the sun, through glare-free polarised lenses, which are made up of a number of elements, carefully bonded together to achieve a high-performance optical product. The main element of the sandwich construction is the polarising light filter in the centre of the lens. Laminated to both sides of the filter are UV light absorbers, which block all harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation. Optically corrected, shatter-resistant cushion elements are laminated to both sides of the UV absorbers, followed by a scratchproof coating on the outer surfaces.

A hydrophobic outer lens coating helps shed water and reduce salt residue, while the oleophobic internal face is designed to repel fingerprints, sun lotion and skin oils. The frames are made of a low-density material for maximum buoyancy, and are moulded in a wrap-around design so they stay anchored to the face, whatever the weather. Extra comfort and grip comes from the use of soft pads that cushion the temple, and a neat integral moulding on the bridge of the nose. Supplied with a soft pouch that can also be used for cleaning the lenses, Gill’s floating shades come in a range of styles and retail at £39 per pair.