The Waterbird Aquaskipper Cup - Freestyle round is almost certainly the silliest thing that has ever been posted on (although the US version of hosts the never-less-than-informative feature: The top 5 boat dogs for your kids and cultural enlightenment piece Ouzo: Drink like a Greek.)

So as the festive season approaches, take a break from staring at the calendar and trying to figure out how it's all possibly going to work.... and watch the Waterbird Aquaskipper Cup - Freestyle round.




What appears to be low-quality video of a group of possibly drunk Eastern Europeans pratting about on a lake in fancy dress, is in fact high comedy. Farce, even.

There is no wild laughter in the background – there is appreciative discussion and critical appraisal. Those cheers from the shore are not all ironic. In short, this is not a game. This is a sport – and as such it deserves our respect.

It may look as though any fool in a wetsuit could ride a waterbike with one hand behind his back, but until you've tried it - watch and learn. Or, you could enjoy a few of our other light-hearted videos: How to fly a spinnaker swing or Sailing dog: amazing trapezing Collie.