When I came across a video of the Flyboard in action, I was mesmerised... it seems next year's craze is set to be a special jet pack that enables you to shoot up out of the water like Superman, and swim like a dolphin... don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!


French company Zapata Racing (headed by French jet ski champion Franky Zapata) started development of the Flyboard in 2011. A combination of a water-propelled jetpack and a jet ski, the company's first machine got its debut at the Jet Ski world championships in China. It has been available to us mortals since April 2012.


The Flyboard uses pressurised water jets to lift you into the air

Flyboard and jetski

If you own a jet ski you're halfway there

If you already own a jet ski, you're halfway there, as a Flyboard kit can be fitted to many personal watercraft models. There are two versions, one for two people: the first person is on the PWC and the second uses the Flyboard. The second version is for a single use and promises better flight precision.

How does it work?
Basically the Flyboard is fitted to the water jet outlet of a jet ski and uses the pressurised water jets to lift you into the air. The nozzles under your feet provide 90 per cent of the propulsion, while movement is determined by the feet tilt of the flyboarder. Nozzles on the hands are used to ensure stabilisation - a bit like ski poles. The system works under water too, so you can dive and leap out of the water like a dolphin... it looks amazing!

Flyboard hand controls

Nozzles on the hand help stabilisation

How much does this cost?
I'm not sure you can really put a price on the chance to be Superman, but if you have a compatible jet ski, it could set you back as little as £3,515. Being a sailor, I've never been the biggest fan of jet skis... but this could change my mind!

To find out more, check out Flyboard's UK distributor, 158 Performance.

Written by: Gael Pawson
Gael Pawson is the editor of Yachts & Yachting Magazine and the founder of Creating Waves. A keen racer, she has sailed all her life, and started writing about the subject whilst studying journalism at university. Dinghies and small keelboats are her first loves, but she has cruised and raced a huge variety of boats in locations across the world.