It's perhaps a little irresponsible to link a site like with a video of the blatantly bone-headed sport of aero-inflatable towing (totally made-up name...), but we've featured some crazy stuff before – see: Ultimate Boat Failures: Crashes, Capsizes and Wrecks for example – and the internet doesn't seem to be getting any less insane... So without further ado, and with the disclaimer firmly plastered upon it: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! – proudly presents a video of two people floating on a strangely shaped inflatable raft being towed quite fast behind a powerboat. Possibly in Brazil.




Naturally, the flaw in this plan lies barely concealed below the surface. Should the line snap or the boat stop abruptly, the flying machine will swiftly plummet back down to earth to make an uncomfortable, dangerous landing. But if you want one, they are for sale... send us your videos and any top tips on how to fly them safely. No, really. Do.