This amazing video shows how a ship destroys a marina in Norway. Definitely an example of how NOT to manoeuvre your boat, especially in a tight space!

The a container ship, the bulk carrier Cyprus Cement, is filmed completely destroying the marina as it tries to turn. It smashes into boat after boat as it reverses and then tries to move forwards, causing yet more damage.

It appears that upon leaving port Cyprus Cement encountered some sort of propulsion issue. Perhaps it was the tug trying to guide her that had a problem as the tow rope appears to be slack. Whatever the cause, the result is a real mess as the huge ship ends up tearing through Levanger Marina in Trondheimsfjorden.




One thing's for sure, I'm very glad my boat wasn't moored there - the damage looks like it will have resulted in a host of expensive insurance claims! I wonder just how many boats were written off in the incident?

Perhaps the skipper could have done with reading Rupert Holmes' tips on marina berthing (Marina Berthing: 10 Tips For Perfection)!

a container ship destroys a marina

Cyprus Cement crash: a container ship destroys a marina.

Written by: Gael Pawson
Gael Pawson is the editor of Yachts & Yachting Magazine and the founder of Creating Waves. A keen racer, she has sailed all her life, and started writing about the subject whilst studying journalism at university. Dinghies and small keelboats are her first loves, but she has cruised and raced a huge variety of boats in locations across the world.