After 14 years of success with Sessa Marine, Sacs RIBs and Sanlorenzo, Christian Grande has entered the world of bigger yachts with a new 21-metre displacement catamaran known as ‘Picchio-Boat’.

Picchio Boat

Everything on the new boat is designed to be smooth and gentle, both in terms of the aesthetic form and the materials used. That means you get a pastel colour palette plus a continuous glass section, which helps lighten the profile of the deckhouse and terminates in two vertical gardens on either side of the aft living area. The designers also claim that ‘natural and animal elements’ are evoked by the extraordinary deck floor and when you look closely, it’s easy to see what they mean. The all-over teak lining is designed to bring out the color of sand and the curved shape is supposed to capture the form of desert dunes, especially in the cockpit area.

Once inside, the dramatic recreational intent is equally evident, with a large central salon underpinned by an unusual submarine-style observatory. This is basically an integrated glass platform, level with the salon deck, which overlooks the sea between the hulls. On the lower deck, the master cabin is also equipped with a glass floor under the bed, and the ‘Children's Room’ with foldaway berths, a super sofa and more deck glass, is designed to seem as though it is floating on an illuminated sea. For more on this extraordinary new creation, see Christian Grande.