Held from Friday 28 April to 02 May 2017, the Palma Boat Show will see the new flagship of the Calypso line make its European debut as a sporting luxury day boat for up to 12 people. Arranged around a twin-console layout, it features an expansive aft cockpit, plus a broad bow with a surprisingly spacious dining station and a convertible infil to cater for sunbathers. There’s also a useful flare and a subtle elevation to the bow shape, which ought to help keep things dry and comfortable when the seas get choppy.

The Chris Craft Calypso 30 is the new flagship of this stylish luxury day boat line.

The Chris Craft Calypso 30 is the new flagship of this stylish luxury day boat line.

However, it’s the cockpit that really works hard on this new 30-footer. It comes with a neatly conceived galley module to port, featuring a fridge, sink and optional grill – and because this butts tightly up against the back end of the two helm seats, it leaves additional space for a starboard gate for easy access to the pontoon. On the portside, meanwhile, the navigator’s chair is also butted up against some cockpit furniture in the form of a permanent aft-facing seat with internal storage. However, the designers have taken great care to ensure that this is the only fixed seat moulding in the entire cockpit…

Instead, virtually the whole periphery of the cockpit is lined with bench seats, each of which comes with a flip-up mechanism that enables you to transform the space from a communal gathering space into an entirely clutter-free fishing deck with a few simple adjustments. And if you’re only a part-time fisherman, the practical details of a family day out have been equally well considered. For instance, the heads compartment, which is contained inside the starboard console, is accessed via a flip-up hatch in the bow, offering not just easier access but also a greater degree of privacy; and the T-top above the helm station also features an extendable overhead canvas to generate quick and easy shade for the occupants of the cockpit. It seems certain that the Calypso 30 will come with a premium price, but for a versatile 30-foot leisure platform from a builder of Chris Craft’s reputation, that’s much as you would expect.

Chris Craft Calypso 30 specifications

LOA: 9.3 m
Beam: 3.1 m
Weight: 3,946 kg
Fuel capacity: 833 litres
Water capacity: 117 litres
People capacity: 12
Power: 600-700 hp
Engines: twin 300-350hp
Price: TBC

For more on the Chris Craft Calypso 30, visit Chris Craft; and to find out what else to expect from the Palma Boat Show.

Written by: Alex Smith
Alex Smith is an ex-Naval officer, with extensive experience as a marine journalist, boat tester and magazine editor. Having raced as a Pilot in the National Thundercat Series and as a Navigator in the inaugural Red Sea RIB Rally, he has now settled in the West Country, where he lives and works as a specialist marine writer and photographer from his narrowboat in Bath.