The project, which is being carried out by the Canal & River Trust, involves restoring LimeKiln Bridge (bridge number 17) near Kidderminster. With the help of Wyre Forest District Council, who negotiated £35,000, through an agreement with an adjacent housing developer, the bridge will be rebuilt with new brickwork to bring it back to its original form.

Canal trust works on bridge restoration

The Trust gets to work

Tony Harvey, Head of Enterprise from the Canal & River Trust, said: “LimeKiln Bridge is a really popular canal crossing point for walkers and cyclists from the local area but over time it has become slightly tatty and the metal bridge sides are starting to corrode and now need to be replaced. Using traditional heritage techniques, we will be rebuilding the bridge walls using new brick which should closely match with the original 200 year old brickwork”

Councillor Anne Hingley said: “It will be great to see this bridge restored and look more in keeping with the other heritage bridges in the area. The bridge provides easy access to the canal for many residents that live alongside it and, once fully restored, it will be a much treasured local landmark.” To mark the completion of the project, special carvings will be etched into the brickwork to mark the year the bridge was restored. This is a well-established tradition when building bridges and is very much in keeping with the bridges in the local area. Visit Canal & River Trust for more.

Written by: Alex Smith
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