Created in collaboration with Stefano Natucci and British Design Studio, Redman Whiteley Dixon, Benetti Now is designed to combine extensively customised interior haute couture with the reduced production times of ‘series-manufactured’ yachts. Described by the shipyard as the ‘Smart Designed Custom Superyacht’, it uses predefined design, engineering and naval platforms in order to increase production efficiencies, simplify and streamline the buying process and reduce costs without altering the unique, client-tailored individuality of the finished product – often so vital in the success of a 50-metre plus yacht.

Benetti now

Benetti's Now line is designed to provide custom solutions with far greater efficiency.


Of course, with its Custom line as well as its D and F class yachts (see Top 10 fantasy boats and Bold new vision from Benetti), not to mention a history spanning more than 140 years, Benetti is well used to the demands of both production and bespoke builds. This fusing of the two processes seems like a very natural step. But while Benetti is describing it as quite a radical new direction, it has nonetheless paid due deference to its traditions by appointing long-term collaborator, Stefano Natucci, to oversee the exterior design. Natucci explains: “I did what I wanted and Benetti got what it wanted. We worked together to achieve the same goal right from the outset. This is a winning design because it represents the perfect answer to current market needs. The style is clean and straightforward. I always work to obtain compactness, flowing lines and the right distribution of volumes. If the empty spaces are in the right places, the boat is beautiful. I love to change, but if I had to design these boats again, I’d do it the exact same way”.


Benetti Now range

There will be four models in the Benetti Now range, from 50-73 metres in length.


Constructed with steel hulls and aluminium topsides, there are four vessels in the new Benetti Now range - the B164 (50m), the B192 (58.6m), the B214 (65m) and the B240 (73m). In line with Natucci’s vision, they all employ the same crisply resolved external aesthetic, with a long bow section, distinctive right-angled window shapes and a curved superstructure bulge amidships. They also increase the versatility and customising potential of the forward section by means of minimised technical spaces and the inclusion of forward stairwells. The construction of both the 50 and 65-metre Benetti Now models is due to begin within the next couple of months, but in the mean time, you can find out more at Benetti Yachts.

Written by: Alex Smith
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