Ben Ainslie Racing is back in Bermuda for its second training camp in preparation for the 35th America's Cup in June 2017. The racing crew and support team were also the first to try out the race course waters of the 35th America's Cup back in January. Watch highlights from the team's first training camp in the video below.




"It's been great to get out on the water to learn the nuances of the wind direction and the waves in our 20ft foiling boats," comments team principal, Sir Ben Ainslie. The footage certainly shows plenty of high-speed foiling action, but the comments coming from many of the AC teams is that Bermuda is likely to be a light-wind venue.

Sailing Team Manager, Jono Macbeth, also described the racecourse in the Great Sound as very small, compact and tight. "I think we arrived with a lot of preconceived ideas," he says on the video.

The training camp also involved practicing with the underwater breathing apparatus that each crew member carries when competing in the new high-speed America's Cup. Diving back into the water after a hard day's sailing, to take a few breaths from an oxygen canister attached to the seabed is certainly not what most people imagine themselves doing on a week-long break in Bermuda.

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