Sailing can sometimes be slow and sedate, but so can horse-riding or cycling. However, all three sports can also get the blood pumping and the push the needle on the safety guage well into the red zone, as this Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) video demonstrates.




Pitchpoling is not an uncommon way to end up in the water while sailing a catamaran, although it's much less common on multihulls. When sailing downwind on a normal cat, the crew's main job is to release the foresail whenever the bows threaten to dig in. Often, at high speeds, that's easier said than done: as the speed picks up the tension on the sail can make it nearly impossible to release... Game over!

However, on foiling catamarans there is an extra dimension to the difficulty as the boat is 50cm or more above the water. If the front foils lose their lift, the nose dive is spectacular and often dangerous.

One new foiling design that claims to be able to combat this is the Solent Whisper launched to the public at Southampton Boat show in 2014. It uses four foils that all remain in the water at all times, which are designed to provide a much more stable, slightly slower ride.

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