A McMurdo EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) has saved the lives of two Transatlantic rowers, who were rescued when their boat sank in the middle of the ocean.

The rowers, Briton Tom Fancett and Dutchman Tom Sauer, were nine days into the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, a 3,000-mile rowing event from the Canary Islands to Barbados, when a wave struck their boat, causing it to capsize and sink. The Falmouth Coastguard received the alert at 7:54pm on Tuesday 13 December, 480 miles southwest of the Canary Islands - and Crystal Serenity, a Bahamian-registered cruise ship 120 miles away was the first to respond. The two rowers, who had spent at least ten hours adrift in their life raft before being saved, were rescued uninjured by the crew of Crystal Serenity in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday 14 December.

McMurdo offers a range of emergency location beacon products including EPIRBs, PLBs (Personal Location Beacons), SARTs, AIS Beacons, NAVTEX and VHF radios. McMurdo’s range of EPIRBs is designed to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency by transmitting a coded message on the 406 MHz distress frequency. The G5 Smartfind EPIRB also includes a GPS receiver, ensuring that the exact position of a casualty is relayed to the rescue services.