Twenty-five-year-old Justin Caskey is a two-time cancer survivor and amputee who uses a specially adapted wakeboard to enjoy the thrills and spills of high speed wake jumping.

Watch adaptive wakeboarding for yourself in the video below.


adaptive wakeboarding

Some wakeboarders have to be more creative than others...

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, he learned to waterski at Lake Anna to the north-west of the city. When he suffered a broken leg that wouldn't heal, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. After three years of treatment, the cancer was detected in his hip as well and the decision was made to amputate.

In his own words on his Facebook page, which he set up to inspire others, Justin thanked the US boating promotion organisation that produced the film: "Discover Boating was kind enough to ask me to be in one of their commercials recently. After what can only be described as "one of the best weekends of my life" they finished shooting the commercial in Canyon Lake, Arizona. Thank you everyone who has supported me/my wakeboarding dreams along the way!"

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