With the Olympics due to hit Britain’s capital this summer, moorings for both sailing and motor yachts are very much at a premium - and that competition for space is compounded by the fact that every yacht will be required to have a berth reservation in order to sail on the Thames.

Moorings on the Thames

It is therefore good news that a company called Sailing Adventure Tours is offering more than 100 moorings and berths for boaters who want to visit London and stay afloat on their own craft in the centre of the city. It will enable visitors to sail up the Thames, go through the barrier and tour past the Millennium Dome and the historical banks of London.

The company is offering four arrival dates: 25 July, 31 July, 05 August and 10 August 2012. Arrival on 25 July will coincide with the ‘Parade of Sail’, the official start of a hospitality event during which at least 16 Tall Ships will sail up the Thames to central London. The moorings are available at three locations: Millwall Dock for motor yachts and South Dock Marina and Greenwich Yacht Club for sailing yachts. Naturally, prices depend on boat length and demand is expected to be high, so if you want to get involved, see Sailing Adventure Tours  without delay.