Aussie outback adventure entertainment also has its practical uses. Take a look at this video clip from the 'All 4 Adventure' team offering advice for trailering a boat from the sea to the road across a sandy beach.



What starts out as a simple operation: Put the boat on the trailer. Pull the trailer out of the water – incurs a few extra penalty steps involving winches, rope and shackles.

How to tow a boat across a sandy beach

All 4 Adventure: How to tow a boat across a sandy beach.

All 4 Adventure is an Australian TV series that follows Jase Andrews & Simon Anderson, a couple of modern-day adventurers, on rugged expeditions into some of the remotest corners and wildest frontiers of Australia. Using 4WDs, ATVs and boats, the boys venture deep into uncharted areas and face all sorts of logistical challenges, relying on their ingenuity, experience and a good measure of humour to reach their destination.

In series 4, from which this clip is taken, Jase and Simon scour Australia's remote Kimberley for undiscovered billabongs, creeks, and coastlines, in the determined pursuit of the perfect catch. The 4WD gets stuck at the waterline so it relies on its own winch line, fixed to another vehicle at the top of the beach, to drag itself and the boat across the soft sand up to more solid ground.

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