If you are considering a new paint job for your pride and joy, there's no point just slapping a bit of paint on: it might look okay to begin with but that's not going to give a good finish, or one that will last. As with all painting projects, the secret to a great painted finish is in the preparation, so here is Paul Cronin in a short video explaining the basics of preparing the surface of a yacht's hull (it's probably also worth reading our more complete Boat painting guide as well). Follow Paul's advice and you should be ready to apply the perfect topcoat, that will both look good and last.



Prepare a boat for antifouling

Different types of paint require different approaches, so while the basics often remain the same, more specific help is useful to read up on. To read more about how to prepare a boat for painting another important area, albeit one that won't be so visible - its bottom - see How to prepare and apply antifouling.