Many people rejoiced when Bayliner brought out the new entry level Element range. Many rejoiced even more when they brought out the first Centre Console model because it addressed several dynamic issues with the original models (see Bayliner Element CC6 review: classic centre console). At the Cannes Boat how Alex Smith got a closer look at the latest offering in the range, the larger Bayliner Element CC7.



One of the key differences between the Bayliner Element CC7 and the earlier CC6 is obviously the bigger waterline length. However, Bayliner have gone further than that by modifying the hull, which ought to generate a softer more forgiving ride when the seas get rough. While the CC5 can carry five people and the CC6 six, this CC7 is an altogether more serious family proposition, as it can accommodate no fewer than 10 people. You get plenty of sunpad space for them all, with a sunpad forward in the forepeak and a convertible one very cleverly arranged in the aft section. This boat has all the hallmarks of being the best boat so far to emerge from Bayliner's Element range.


Bayliner Element CC7 video

The Bayliner Element CC7 video shoot at Cannes.