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    Ten top tenders

    Alex Smith
    Apr 24, 2017

    Ten yacht tenders that (almost) sell themselves. …Read More

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    Tofinou 10 review: high end cruiser

    Rupert Holmes
    Apr 20, 2017

    The Tofinou 10 is first of a new line of high end cruising yachts with traditional style, but up to date performance and systems. …Read More

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    Finnmaster Husky R5

    Alex Smith
    Apr 17, 2017

    We take a closer look at the affordable new addition to Finnmaster's 'Husky' range of aluminium runabouts. …Read More

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    Elan GT5 review First Look Video

    Rupert Holmes
    Apr 12, 2017

    We take a tour of the new Elan GT5 in this First Look Video filmed in Dusseldorf. …Read More

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    Hallberg Rassy 44 review

    Rupert Holmes
    Apr 10, 2017

    The latest model from this Swedish builder of quality serious cruising yachts marks a step change in Hallberg Rassy’s design thinking. …Read More

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    Ten top RIBs

    Alex Smith
    Apr 10, 2017

    Ten of the most effective, entertaining and memorable RIB packages on the market. …Read More

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    Pogo 36 review: short-handed cruiser

    Rupert Holmes
    Apr 6, 2017

    The Pogo 36 is a fast cruising boat in which is possible to enjoy sailing at 12 to 13 knots with no stress, in the knowledge that the boat could be safely pushed much harder. …Read More

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    Bavaria R40 Coupe review

    Alex Smith
    Apr 5, 2017

    Alex Smith takes a closer look at the coupe variant of Bavaria's new R40 sports cruiser. …Read More

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    10 dream boats

    Rupert Holmes
    Mar 31, 2017

    We pick our a variety of dream boats, from dinghies to superyachts to show whatever your budget, there's always a boat to dream about. …Read More

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    Oyster 675 First Look Video

    Dieter Loibner
    Mar 27, 2017

    Fresher and sportier in feel, the Oyster 675 is set to be the first of a new line of Oysters and bodes well for the marque's future. …Read More

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