On the Water: Resources

  1. Resources

    Boat maintenance: how to look after your boat

    Rupert Holmes

    Boat maintenance doesn't have to be a chore. Rupert Holmes explains how a bit of planning and budgeting can help protect your investment and keep costs to a minimum. …Read More

  2. Resources

    Keeping a boat in the Mediterranean

    Rupert Holmes

    What are the options for keeping a boat in the Med? Rupert Holmes investigates… …Read More

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  4. Resources

    A guide to bow riders

    Alex Smith

    Is a Bow Rider for you? Born in the USA, bow riders have found increasing popularity in the UK, Alex Smith outlines their main characteristics… …Read More

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  7. Resources

    Choosing the right anchor

    Alex Smith

    It may not be the most glamorous piece of kit, but a well-chosen anchor can bring a new dimension to your boat life. Alex Smith explains the vital basics. …Read More

  8. Resources

    Choosing a tender

    Rupert Holmes

    Choosing the right tender can make all the difference - but when will a small wooden clinker dinghy will do the job, and when will a RIB be the better option? Here's your essential checklist… …Read More