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    5 tips for fun family boating trips

    Katie Ashworth

    As the summer holidays get underway, we’d like to share a few tip to make your family holiday afloat a success …Read More

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    Affordable boat buying: fractional boat ownership

    Rupert Holmes

    Whatever size of boat you'd like to own, however deep your pockets, sometimes it doesn't make sense to buy your own boat. Many people are converting to new fractional owner schemes that allow members increased flexibility and remove most of the hassle-factor of owning a boat. …Read More

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    Sunglasses on the water: top tips for sailors and boaters


    Why is eye protection afloat so important? What are the dangers and how can you avoid them? Plus a few top brands to check out… …Read More

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    A guide to environmentally-friendly powerboating

    Alex Smith

    It may sound like a paradox, but done right, powerboating really can be green. Alex Smith explains …Read More

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    Choosing the right family cruising boat

    Rupert Holmes

    Rupert Holmes looks at the key considerations for a family looking for a cruising boat to be enjoyed by everyone. …Read More

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    Taking your dog on a boat: our top 10 tips

    Lenny Rudow

    If you have a dog and you don’t take him on your boat, you are both missing out, Lenny Rudow outlines his top tips for sharing boating with your pooch …Read More

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    RIB boat buying guide

    Alex Smith

    With such a wholesale change in leisure RIBs over the last decade, picking the right one can be a challenge. Alex Smith clarifies the key issues …Read More

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    How to pick the perfect boat for fishing

    Alex Smith

    Looking for a boat for fishing? With more choice than ever before, buying a sports fisher in the UK can be a complicated business. Alex Smith helps simplify the process… …Read More

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    Boat maintenance: how to look after your boat

    Rupert Holmes

    Boat maintenance doesn't have to be a chore. Rupert Holmes explains how a bit of planning and budgeting can help protect your investment and keep costs to a minimum. …Read More

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    Keeping a boat in the Mediterranean

    Rupert Holmes

    What are the options for keeping a boat in the Med? Rupert Holmes investigates… …Read More

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