On the Water: Resources

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    Boat transport guide

    Rupert Holmes

    Understanding your options for boat transport could open up your boat buying options. How best to deliver your new boat, or move your existing one, to a new location? …Read More

  2. Resources

    How to negotiate boat prices

    Rupert Holmes

    It should be possible to make your buyer feel like he's got a bargain without dropping below your minimum price, says Rupert Holmes. …Read More

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    Boat valuations: how to price a boat for sale

    Rupert Holmes

    Make a correct call on your boat valuation and you will save time selling your boat. …Read More

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    Greek yacht charter destinations

    Rupert Holmes

    Sheltered sailing and a multitude of idyllic harbours makes a Greek yacht charter a slice of perfection, reckons Rupert Holmes. …Read More

  8. Resources

    Yacht charter holiday guide

    Rupert Holmes

    Charter holidays can offer relaxation and adventure in an idyllic environment. Rupert Holmes looks at the options and asks 'What's stopping you?' …Read More

  9. Resources

    Float free: cruising on your yacht or powerboat

    Rupert Holmes

    Many boat owners buy their craft with the intention of doing some form of cruising. Rupert Holmes looks at the available options. …Read More

  10. Resources

    Marine electrics: the basics of 12-Volt systems

    Ed Sherman

    Understanding how a typical marine 12-Volt system actually works will make the back of the switchboard a much less scary place. …Read More

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  12. Resources

    How to prepare a boat for sale

    Rupert Holmes

    How to maximise your chances of a smooth, hassle-free sale - use this handy guide to prepare your boat for sale. …Read More

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  14. Resources

    Olympic Sailing guide

    Gael Pawson

    The ultimate guide to Olympic sailing (previously known as Olympic Yachting) including its long history, the classes sailed and the heroes it has created. …Read More

  15. Resources

    Sailing holidays: a guide

    Gael Pawson

    Gael Pawson argues the case for making your holiday a sailing one, plus our top tips to help you plan the perfect sailing holiday. …Read More

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