The wreck of the sail training ship Astrid was salvaged off the coast of Cork yesterday.

The tall ship, which ran aground off Cork back in June, was freed from the rocks which ensnared it by a salvage vessel and towed to Kinsale harbour.

This video shows the salvage operation, captures the moment the ship was raised from its resting place.



Twenty-three teenagers and seven adults were rescued from Astrid when she lost power and was unable to avoid rocks off the Cork coast. The Astrid was one of 50 vessels taking part in Ireland's 2013 Gathering initiative.

It was thought to be the end of Astrid's colourful history, but there are hopes now that something can be done to restore her.

Astrid was built in 1918 in the Netherlands as a cargo ship, working the Baltic sea trade routes from Sweden until 1975.

She was found abandoned off the English coast in the early 1980s and salvaged. It was at that point in her history that Astrid was converted into a training ship for young people.


The Tall Ship Astrid is lifted from rocks off Cork.

The Tall Ship Astrid is lifted from rocks off Cork.