On the Water: Entertainment

  1. On the Water / Entertainment

    Kite foiling: taking sailing to new extremes

    Gael Pawson
    May 28, 2013

    Our video of the week - well this week you get two in one - is this amazing kite-foiling boat... …Read More

  2. On the Water / Entertainment

    Chinese gybe, singlehanded

    Gael Pawson
    May 8, 2013

    A Chinese gybe is to be avoided at all costs... but sometimes it gets you, and sometimes it's all caught on camera! …Read More

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  6. On the Water / Entertainment

    Spectacular boat launches

    Gael Pawson
    Mar 31, 2013

    Whether you have a new boat to launch this season, or not, this is worth a look …Read More

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  9. On the Water / Entertainment

    Ultimate boat failures: crashes, capsizes and wrecks

    Gael Pawson
    Jan 2, 2013

    From losing a rig to getting launched straight into the water, this is a brilliant video of what not to do on a boat! …Read More

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