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  2. Classic cutter with an uncluttered deck
    Classic sailing cruiser racer of Victorian era
    Victorian cutter, her deck is in good shape

    Classic Grayling Victorian Cutter

    Valencia, Spain

    We don't know very much about the first years of the life of the Grayling, nor we know anything about her designer, J.F. Clyne. We did know that she was borno as a gaff rigged yawl and this makes us supposing the she was conceived more for cruising purposes than for racing, as in those times the yawl rig was that to which were converted the racing cutters when they were no longer competitive and were used to go cruising for pleasure. In fact, Grayling interior is wide and comfortable for the time and her hull lines are fuller than those (extreme even for our tastes) of the racers of the moment. She was a liveable and comfortable vessel with a moderate rig, easy to handle for a family of sailors. Certainly, towards the Fifties she received, as many other gaffers of her era, a new Bermudan cutter rig. In 1954 she was purchased by Charles W. Ron Winter, a writer specialised in nautical matters. Winter made many cruises with his new boat and later wrote about them in his autobiography “The run of the tide” (1990). In this book Grayling is mentioned and pictured several times with her Bermudan rig. She was found by her present owners in an sorry state in the Harbour of Puebla de Farnals (Valencia, East Coast). After a long period of research, they started a deep rebuilding project. They gave to Grayling a beautiful gaff cutter rig and interiors in original style. Today she is ready to continue her sailing life with a new suit of magnific cream coloured sails. This boat is Lying in Valencia. You can call or write us in Spanish, English, French and Italian,

    Seller Barcos Singulares S.L.
  3. An antique pictures of Yanira, then Ingeborg, being built
    An original pictures of the Yanira's launching day
    Yanira is a very fast cutter also downwind

    Classic Fast wooden classic cutter

    Barcelona, Spain

    Ragnar Appelgren (1909-1993) was a cosmetics industrialist and passionate sailor. In 1953 he asked Bjarne Aas to design him a big boat. It was the bigger boat commissioned to Aas to date: a 12 m. for the then new Int. Cruiser-racer rule. The CR rule could had been inspired by the Int. Metre Rule, but more biased towards the blue water sailing, with more freeeboard, more draft, more displacement. As the Metre rule, the C/R boats spot long overhangs that give them a superior elegance compared with any other kind of classic boat. The new boat was built in Fredrikstad, close to the Sweden border, and was the biggest building to date for the Yard. This Yard was owned by Aas himself. He had made a big reputation, before de Second World War, with the design of Six Metres Int., very much as Olin Stephens, and like him Bjarne Aas was always influenced in his designs by the Int. Metre style. He even won an Olimpic medal in Paris in 1924, with a Six. For all these reasons, the Ingeborg, as was named the boat after the name of Mr. Appelgren wife and daughter, spots so beautiful and impressive overhangs. They give her a buoyancy reserve very important in bad weather. Mr. Appelgren sailed with Ingeborg during three years in the North Sea waters, winning many races and cruising with the family. In 1957 he sailed to the Mediterranean and established his base in Palma de Mallorca, where after another three years he sold the boat to Spanish industrialist Manuel Giró Minguella, the famous owner of the Ossa motorbikes. Mr. Giró changed her name to the present Yanira. Yanira, not denying his fame as Ingeborg, continued winning races so much so than once, when she was entering the harbour in Barcelona, she was so hailed: “Salve Yanira! Morituri te salutant”, the Roman Gladiators salute, when condemned to death. Her victories are so many that we will keep in the resumé below just to some of the last period. Today the Yanira is in very good shape. She is a very fast vessel, even in light winds. She has a full set of recent sails, either for modern or classic races. Her present owner gave her a new life with a new teak deck and a new mast, both to the original design. Her engine was also overhauled and there are just a few aesthetic touches that remain to have her ship-shape. Her asking price is reduced to easy the sale and does not reflect at all the cost of the works carried on board or Yanira's real value. This boat is lying in Barcelona, you can ask us more information in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

    Seller Barcos Singulares S.L.
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