Waves crashing on lighthouses: aerial video

Watch dramatic aerial footage of Atlantic waves slamming the lighthouses off the coast of Brittany, northern France.

16 March 2014.
By Staff

The video title: ‘Biggest waves ever…’ might be a slight exaggeration (there’s video evidence of people surfing enormous waves right here) but the lighthouses off the coast of Brittany do take a sustained beating from some huge waves year in, year out.

The lighthouses in the treacherous seas off Brittany have become famous for standing tall in the face of the massive Atlantic swells that are regulars – especially in the winter months. There have been some spectacular, iconic photographs showing this over the years, so we were interested to see film footage of the lighthouses taking a pounding. Watch the video below to remind yourself how just powerful the sea really is.

Lighthouses in waves

Brittany coast: lighthouses bear the brunt of huge storms.

The breath-taking footage was shot by Jean-Réné Keruzoré from above the Raz de Sein, which is itself famous for the extremely dangerous seas that are kicked up whenever the weather gets wild. There are also some sobering shots of the waves menacing people’s houses on the mainland towards the end.

For more footage of ocean storms, see: Stormy Seas: Dramatic Ocean Waves Video or Ocean Racing Video: Rogue Wave Smothers Clipper Yacht.


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One thought on “Waves crashing on lighthouses: aerial video

  1. Oh, thank you for these. I have an ancestor who was from a town near La Rochelle, and I want to go there. Now I’ve seen at least a bit of it.Maybe the red-topped and green-topped liuethogshs are that way as if they were navigational buoys red right returning: the red one on your right as you return to your harbor.

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