Boarding Ring glasses: anti-seasickness specs

Boarding Ring glasses are such an extraordinary solution to the seasickness problem, it's impossible to ignore them

9 March 2014.
By Alex Smith

Now we all know that when your boat is wallowing in the slow, corkscrew swells and tea-duty forces you below, it is only a matter of time before your body reacts. When you are deprived of the horizon, the movement disturbs your inner ear, upsetting your natural sense of orientation and (in two thirds of cases) causing intense nausea.

Boarding Ring seasickness glasses

They make you look insane but there are few dissenters as to the effectiveness of Boarding Ring seasickness glasses.

However, by using tinted fluid in the frames to create an artificial horizon, these ‘Boarding Ring’ glasses are designed to be “a visible internal ear”. The idea is that the self-levelling of the fluid enables your eyes to transmit the same data to your brain as your inner ear, thereby removing the sensory conflict that causes motion sickness in the first place.

According to the manufacturer, tests with the French Navy have shown that in 95 per cent of cases, just six minutes is effective in the treatment of the symptoms of seasickness. Better still, other than crippling shame on the part of the wearer, there are no side-effects at all. You can wear them over regular glasses and with a price of less than 50 quid, you can pull them out of your First Aid Kit like a wand from a wizard’s pocket whenever a crewmember turns green. For more anti-seasickness tricks, see 5 secret ways to stop being seasick.


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