Stylish parking: dramatic final run for boat past its prime

There's no marks for parking style on this Turkish beach

21 February 2014.
By Staff

When ships get too old and uneconomic to repair and maintain, they go to so-called graveyards where they are dismantled and sold for scrap. This is the former cross-channel ferry, Pride of Calais making her last voyage to a scrapyard in Turkey.

Probably the least proud (but most amazing to watch) voyage of her long life. Take a look for yourself by clicking on the video link below.

The video has been re-posted far and wide, including on the UK news website the Northern Echo where one commenter posed the following interesting ethical dilemma:

“An environmentally reckless way of starting the ships’ scrapping. Could release uncontrolled amounts of heavy oils and pollutants held in the bilge directly into the sea.

Probably breaks almost every health and safety and environmental protection law the EU has ever produced. Laws which, if Turkey joined the EU, they would be obliged to adopt.”

The commenter goes on to complain that no British ship wrecker could compete with this yard, or yards anywhere else in the world where parking like this would be allowed to happen (and caught on camera and posted on Youtube!)

See more dramatic shipping videos here.

Ship beaching

Ship beaching at recycling plant in Turkey

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