Boats for Sale: Boat Buyer's Guide

  1. Boat Buyer's Guide

    VAT on boats: a guide

    Rupert Holmes

    When it comes to buying a secondhand boat, it's crucial that you know where you stand with regards to VAT, otherwise you could find yourself seriously out of pocket. …Read More

  2. Boat Buyer's Guide

    How to inspect a second-hand boat before buying

    Rupert Holmes

    Take the opportunity to inspect a second-hand boat yourself before commissioning a survey or making an offer, says Rupert Holmes. …Read More

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  4. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Offshore cruising yachts

    Rupert Holmes

    Rupert Holmes takes a look at some of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an offshore cruising yacht. …Read More

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  7. Boat Buyer's Guide

    How to choose your first yacht

    Rupert Holmes

    The more accurately you can picture ideal sailing location, wind conditions and crew, the easier it is to choose your first yacht. …Read More

  8. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Centre console boats: buying the right model

    Doug Logan

    The centre console has a huge following in the USA – especially for sea fishing and owners with a variety of watersports interests. Doug Logan explains why. …Read More

  9. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Choosing a yacht: bilge keels vs fin keels

    Rupert Holmes

    Rupert Holmes dispels some popular myths about bilge keel sailing yachts. …Read More

  10. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Weekend cruisers

    Rupert Holmes

    We look at the factors that make a good weekend cruiser that won’t break the bank or have you spending your precious free time buried in maintenance tasks …Read More

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  12. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Family runabouts: a boat to suit everyone

    Alex Smith

    Alex Smith examines the key issues when buying a family runabout… …Read More

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  14. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Affordable boat buying: fractional boat ownership

    Rupert Holmes

    Whatever size of boat you'd like to own, however deep your pockets, sometimes it doesn't make sense to buy your own boat. Many people are converting to new fractional owner schemes that allow members increased flexibility and remove most of the hassle-factor of owning a boat. …Read More

  15. Boat Buyer's Guide

    Family cruising boats

    Rupert Holmes

    We look at the key considerations for a family looking for a cruising boat to be enjoyed by everyone. …Read More

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